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Medical Examination Gloves
Quality You Can Trust

Shepard branded gloves (CareMates, WorkMates and UltiMates) are reliable and safe, exceeding quality medical gloves standards from ASTM.


Our CareMates Medical Examination Gloves include a full line of high quality natural and synthetic gloves, manufactured to the highest standards. CareMates manufactures proprietary products like our revolutionary CareMates Vytrile gloves, a safe, new synthetic that is an excellent latex alternative. Our CareMates Nitrile gloves are tested for resistance to 46 Chemotherapy Drugs and Fentanyl.

WorkMates Black Nitrile examination gloves are strong enough for the toughest work, and are perfect for the trades, law enforcement, and more. They have the same great qualities as CareMates. WorkMates+ Black Nitrile gloves are thicker and have extended cuffs.

UltiMates Nitrile examination gloves are manufactured with the same quality standards as CareMates but with additional features, like added thickness with longer cuffs. They are NFPA and UL Compliant.

Quality You Can Trust!

Types of Medical Exam Gloves


CareMates Nitrile examination gloves features an exclusive formulation that meets ASTM D6978 for resistance to permeation by 46 Chemotherapy Drugs and Fentanyl.


CareMatesexclusive, trademarked product, Vytrile, is a high quality synthetic alternative to Latex gloves. Vytrile features 0% viral penetration and 0% alcohol permeation. They have flexible, resilient, comfortable and are excellent for vaccinations

CM VYTRILE 100ct  200dpi 6x3 12-19-2022.png


CareMates Latex examination gloves exceed ASTM standards in this flexible, resilient, comfortable glove with a consistent fit.


CareMates Vinyl exam gloves exceed ASTM standards and are flexible, resilient, comfortable.

CAREMATES VINYL 100ct 3D shadow 12-10-2020.jpg
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