For protection in healthcare in basic medical uses, MedMates is the most economical and safe glove to rely on. Our MedMates Stretch Vinyl (CPE) gloves allow 0% viral penetration and our MedMates Nitrile gloves are safe for use with chemotherapy and infusion drugs.  Whether taking blood pressure, giving an injection, or changing bed linens, Our MedMates gloves provide quality you can trust at an affordable price.

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Shepard Medical Products has been an industry leader in the field of Infection Protection for the medical and food industries since 1986. Throughout the company’s history, Shepard has enjoyed progressive, steady growth by providing the highest quality, infection control solutions to our customers.

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Shepard Medical Products
Shepard Medical Products
Leading in those deaths are the United States, with more than 566,000, and Brazil, with more than 368,000.

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Sleeping Too Little in Middle Age May Increase Dementia Risk, Study Finds

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