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CareMates is the #1 brand for Examination Gloves for Independent Pharmacies

Shepard Medical Products has over 30 years of exclusive support ONLY for Independent Pharmacies.
We are the ONLY infection protection products manufacturer dedicated exclusively to the growth and vitality of Independent Retail Pharmacies.

Why CareMates?

  • We are YOUR ALLY vs. BIG BOX STORES! We only sell CareMates to Independent Pharmacies, NEVER BIG BOX pharmacies.
  • In a commodity arena, we provide proprietary, value-added products, like CareMates Nitrile and Vytrile.
  • Our CareMates brand provides a significant quality advantage vs. big box stores, yet is very affordable.
  • We provide generous REBATES for ALL CareMates purchases to contracted Independent Pharmacies!
  • We sell an extensive product line of retail-ready infection protection products.


The Importance of “Medical Examination” Gloves:
Gloves labeled “examination” or “exam” are medical grade gloves. They’re vigorously tested and meet the standards set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This categorization of glove has to pass the water-leak test, the elongation test, and the tensile strength test

The Importance of Wearing the Right Size Glove:
When choosing a glove, the right size makes a difference. Gloves should not fit skintight. Though gloves should not be too loose, there should be a comfortable space to allow uncramped movement of fingers. Exam gloves that are too tight can cause pressure and tension, creating thumb fatigue as well as bad circulation. In addition, gloves that are too tight can tear more easily because they’re under stress. Objects will penetrate the glove more easily.

Download PDF of CAREMATES GLOVE GUIDE Choose the Right Size
Print at 100% to assure the proper sizing of gloves on your printed page.

Know What Type of Glove Best Meets Your Use:
Examination gloves serve different purposes for different needs. Shepard manufactures a wide variety of glove types for a wide array of needs. Our decision-making chart provides pharmacies a simple graph to use as a selling tool for your clients.

Download PDF of CAREMATES Decision-Making Flow Chart 2020
Download PDF of CAREMATES GLOVE GUIDE: Find the Right Glove for Your Needs


Shepard Medical Products has been an industry leader in the field of Infection Protection for the medical and food industries since 1986. Throughout the company’s history, Shepard has enjoyed progressive, steady growth by providing the highest quality, infection control solutions to our customers.

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