Shepard Medical Products takes infection protection seriously! Shepard branded gloves (CareMates, WorkMates, UltiMates, and  MedMates ) are reliable and safe, exceeding quality medical gloves standards from ASTM. UltiMates gloves are NFPA and UL Compliant.

Our CareMates Medical Gloves include a full line of high quality natural and synthetic gloves, manufactured to the highest standards. CareMates manufactures proprietary products like our revolutionary Vytrile™ gloves, a safe, new synthetic that is an excellent latex alternative.

CareMates gloves are of the highest quality:

  • Meet or exceed all ASTM Standards for infection control
  • Meet French Norm Standards
  • All CareMates gloves are tested and passed by FDA certified labs
  • Packaged by count, not weight, assuring accurate counts
  • Flat-packed to assure easier dispensing of gloves from box
  • Available in a variety of materials, all powder-free

Find the Perfect Glove
CareMates gloves are available in a variety of sizes and materials, so you get the best glove for your needs! Gloves should fit closely but not too tightly. Prolonged use of tightly-fitting gloves can, over time, contribute to health problems including joint pain, thumb fatigue, and carpal tunnel syndrome.


Download our GLOVE GUIDES as PDFs below and make sure to print at 100% to assure the proper sizing of gloves on your printed paper:


Shepard Medical Products has been an industry leader in the field of Infection Protection for the medical and food industries since 1986. Throughout the company’s history, Shepard has enjoyed progressive, steady growth by providing the highest quality, infection control solutions to our customers.

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