Throughout the company’s history, Shepard Medical has been committed to providing customers with the highest quality latex and synthetic gloves, and related infection protection products, including a new line of personal care products.

Shepard Medical Products’ CareMates™ Infection Protection product line is aimed at providing the general consumer the opportunity to purchase hospital grade infection protection products for the home and workplace. For almost 30 years, CareMates has been the trusted brand of choice for consumers, wholesale distributors, pharmacies, healthcare workers, and first responders. Our CareMates branded line of infection protection products embody our commitment to keeping the healthcare, home, and workplace environments safe for everyone with high quality products.

CareMates products include Medical Exam Gloves, Mask, Wipes and Gels. Our proprietary and star product, Vytrile™, is our unique, trademarked, outstanding synthetic glove.

For protection in healthcare in basic medical uses, MedMates is the most economical and safe glove to rely on.

Our line of UltiMates gloves features high risk Nitrile gloves for special needs like first responders EMS, healthcare and first aid.  They may safely be used for chemotherapy and home infusion drugs.

WorkMates includes gloves tough enough for use in a variety of demanding industries including most  trades, including auto, carpentry, construction, painting, plumbing, piercing/tattoos, and where chemicals, adhesives, solvents and cleaners are used.

Shepard Medical Products’ commitment to finding solutions to customer needs has led to products that exceed regulatory standards throughout the world, as well as the development and introduction of proprietary products.