Infection Protection

Infection Protection is Now Easy and Convenient

Shepard Medical Products’ CareMates™ Infection Protection product line is aimed at providing consumers the opportunity to purchase hospital grade infection protection products for the home and workplace. CareMates’ product categories include masks that protect against airborne diseases, sanitizing wipes and gels, and the highest quality medical exam gloves. These products help consumers prevent cross-contamination and infection, creating less opportunity to contract and spread disease. Creation of these products was carefully considered for portability and ease of use for the general public.

“Shepard Medical has provided the highest grade products for the medical and food industries since 1986. Making available this type of product for consumers seems a natural step when considering the recent news stories about Ebola, Tuberculosis, West Nile Virus and various flue strains” said Chris Wright, CEO of Shepard Medical Products. “When families are in the position of taking care of ill family members at home, or when travellers are on long flights, there seemed to be a gap in what consumers had available in infection protection. Shepard Medical is filling that gap with the same types of the best products available to medical facilities, meeting or exceeding the top standards set by NIOSH, ASTM International, and the CDC.”

Hygiene Hints

  • Healthcare Hand Hygiene Poster (download PDF)
  • Healthcare Fact Sheet (download PDF)

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Our Infection Protection Product Line includes:

Our high quality CareMates brand features gloves, masks, wipes and gels for infection protection at home.

Our line of UltiMates gloves features high risk Nitrile gloves for special needs like first responders EMS, healthcare and first aid.  They may safely be used for chemotherapy and home infusion drugs.

WorkMates includes gloves tough enough for use in a variety of demanding industries including most  trades, including auto, carpentry, construction, painting, plumbing, piercing/tattoos, and where chemicals, adhesives, solvents and cleaners are used.

Shepard Medical Products’ commitment to finding solutions to customer needs has led to products that exceed regulatory standards throughout the world, as well as the development and introduction of proprietary products.

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