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When it comes to wearing gloves for medical care, a proper fit is important in keeping you and your loved ones safe and protected. If the glove is too big, you risk slippage and loss of grip. If the glove is too small, your circulation can be compromised, potentially causing health problems and reduced sensitivity.  And, if the glove is too tight, it may tear, exposing you to potential danger.

How a Glove Should Fit

CareMates gloves should fit closely but not too tightly. Prolonged use of tightly-fitting gloves can, over time, contribute to health problems including joint pain, thumb fatigue, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Sizing Chart

To aid you in finding the proper fit for you, CareMates has developed a sizing chart that you can download and print out. Print this file at 100% for proper sizing. If you cannot open the file, download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. DOWNLOAD from the link below:


CareMates — Choose the Right Glove for Every Application

Stay safe and protected from the harsh chemicals sometimes found in these common products.  From common household products like nail polish remover or drain cleaners, our application chart will help you choose the best glove for your needs. CareMates Nitrile Exam Gloves are tested for home infusion and chemotherapy.  All CareMates Medical Exam Gloves are safe from alcohol permeation and viral penetration. DOWNLOAD from the link below:

CAREMATES GLOVE GUIDE Choose the Right Application