Our CareMates© brand of medical examination gloves are a full-line of both natural and synthetic products. CareMates gloves are high quality products, manufactured to exceed ASTM standards. In addition to Latex and Vinyl exam gloves, CareMates provides proprietary products such as Vytrile.


Our NIOSH N95 masks are intended for pandemics, disasters, and medical situations. For basic medical situations and to prevent the spread of infection, CareMates Patient/ Earloop masks provide great quality and outstanding protection. All of our masks meet or exceed the ASTM and CDC standards.


Traveling has never been safer with CareMates Infection Protection Products. Our convenient, easy-to-carry wipes are individually wrapped and fit into pockets or purses.


Our CareMates kits provide consumers with a selection of our high quality products, whether for caring for a loved one at home or traveling on vacation. They are also perfect for school and workplace.

Infection Protection Products

Shepard Medical Products’ CareMates© Infection Protection product line is aimed at providing the general consumer the opportunity to purchase hospital grade infection protection products for the home and workplace. The line has four major product categories including masks that protect against airborne diseases, sanitizing wipes and gels, and the highest quality medical exam gloves. These products help consumers prevent cross-contamination and infection, creating less opportunity to contract and spread disease. Creation of these products was carefully considered for portability and ease of use for the general public.

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Why CareMates?

Since 1986, Shepard Medical Products has been committed to providing the highest quality latex and synthetic gloves that exceed regulatory standards throughout the world.

Our CareMates™ product line embodies that commitment to keeping home and workplace environments safe for everyone.

All CareMates gloves meet or exceed ASTM standards.

Vytrile is a synthetic glove that protects, fits, and feels more like latex, while offering reliable performance, superior protection, and great price value.

CareMates expanded infection protection product line includes masks, gels and wipes.

Meet or exceed all ASTM standards for Medical Gloves.